Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fly Time: Students Speak STEAM


  • Attention grabber
  • Intro yourselves
  • State what your presentation is about
  • State what you want the audience to know, feel or do  
Plan Presentation Body:
  • Beginning: explain or define your topic
  • Middle: Give a personal/student experience
  • End: what is the benefit of your topic for students

What does STEAM Education mean to you?
  • Teachers from different subject areas Co-Teaching 
  • Different experiences created by Project Based Learning
  • Learning based on your interests and ability through Differentiated Instruction
  • Connecting with Community Partners like NASA and other guest speakers
  • Motivation to come to school and to learn more in a Culture of inquiry and Engagement
  • Preparing students for their future with 21st Century learning 
  • Flexible Schedule to have time for different learning experiences
  • Morning Meeting as a team to start each week
  • Changing student Grouping 
  • Common Expectations in all areas