Thursday, December 5, 2013

Engineering Lab #4: Public Transportation

15 minutes to introduce design brief in large group

Problem Statement:
Urbanization creates challenges for its citizens. These problems include pollution, land consumption, high costs, health and safety concerns, congestion and equal access. Car-centerd cities create these challenges. 

Design Statement:
Defend the most sustainable transportation system to transport goods and people around our city.

  • 80,000 people
  • area is 2 miles in diameter 
  • Public transportation stations on the perimeter and in the middle 
  • 25% of land will be assigned for infrastructure like roads, but only half of that will be accessible to cars
Roles: all group members will assist each other with these roles
  • Project Manager (ORGANIZED and FOCUSED: time, task and quality control)
  • Engineer (PROBLEM SOLVER and DRAWER: how to create in our city)
  • Urban Planner (SYSTEMS THINKER and SPEAKER: how to connect the parts of the city)
  • City Legislator (SPEAKER and DEBATER: how to convince the people to support)

Research & Brainstorm:
  • NOTES:
    • Describe/sketch 4 different transportation systems 
  • Discussion notes:
    • Pros and Cons of each system
  • Decide on BEST transportation system for our city
  • Organize Presentation to convince others
  • SPEAK 
  • During practice, make edits to your presentation

Accepted transportation systems will be used in our city.

Complete all Paperwork
 Return Design Brief to teacher

Documents, Videos and Timeline

10 minute Rotations (9:20)
  • Group A: SkyTran A-8
  • Group B: Bicycle/Pedestrian A-7
  • Group C: ULTra PRT A-5
  • Group D: TSB A-10
Return to Rooms for Presentation Prep
  • Handout Presentation Notes
  • 5 Minutes to discuss and decide. (Notes!)
  • 15 Minutes to write presentation outline.
  • 5 Minutes to practice presentations.
  • 15 Minutes to give presentation.
Best Presentations will be Given at Morning Meeting for 10 Dojo Points