Friday, October 11, 2013

Engineering Lab 3: Ship Shape!!

30 minutes to introduce design brief in large group

5 minutes to get to breakout rooms and prepare design brief 
Problem Statement:
Industrialization requires the shipping of raw materials to producers, then finished goods to consumers.

Design Statement:
Create a boat that is able to ship the most amount of pennies (copper as raw material).

  • 1 ft2 of aluminum foil
  • Boat cannot be wider then 26 cm or deeper then 18 cm.
Roles: all group members will assist each other with these roles
  • Project Manager (ORGANIZED and FOCUSED: time, task and quality control)
  • Engineer (PROBLEM SOLVER and DRAWER: sketch design and test product)
  • Builder (FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: assemble the final product, make modifications)
  • Payload Operator (FOCUSED and COORDINATED : ensures that cargo is properly distributed..... steady hands)

Research & Brainstorm:
  • NOTES:
    • 4 different sketches of possible designs
  • Discussion notes:
    • Pros and Cons of designs plans
  • Detailed Sketch with LABELS
  • Make Observations during testing
  • Make modifications to design/sketch
  • Make at least 3 observations of other boats
  • Propose 3 modifications to group boat


Complete all Paperwork
 Return Design Brief to teacher