Friday, December 13, 2013

Engineering Lab 5: Water Tower Challenge

15 minutes to introduce design brief in large group

Problem Statement:
Citizens of our city need equal access to water, but less than 1% of the world's freshwater is accessible to humans.

5 minutes to get to breakout rooms and prepare design brief 

Design Statement:
Create a pipeline that is able to deliver water (marbles) from a water tower to city buildings.

6 Sections of pipe insulation (one per social studies group)
2 Rolls of tape (share)
Furniture / Walls

1st pipe section must start at top edge of white board
6th pipe section must end at ground level
No one may be touching track while a marble is rolling
Groups must be standing next to their section of track at all times

1 point for every section of track completed
1 point for every marble to travel track length
2 points for every chair seat the marbles pass over
3 points for every table top the marbles pass over
points for every chair seat on table to the marbles pass over

-1 for any students removed from activity for DOJO


Work Time Lasts Until 1:10 for Final Assessment