Thursday, September 19, 2013

Engineering Lab 2: America's Sail Car Cup

30 minutes to introduce design brief in large group

5 minutes to get to breakout rooms and prepare design brief 
Problem Statement:
The United States is losing America's Cup because its boats travel at a slower rate.

Design Statement:
Create a sail to get a vehicle to travel at the fastest rate.

  • Groups of 4-5 with assigned lead roles
  • Materials: index cards and masking tape
  • Cannot modify car 
  • Time: 30 minutes Design, Build, Test and Modify
Roles: all group members will assist each other with these roles
  • Project Manager (ORGANIZED and FOCUSED: time, task and quality control)
  • Engineer (PROBLEM SOLVER and DRAWER: sketch design and test product)
  • Builder (FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: assemble the final product, make modifications)
  • Mathematician (FOCUSED and MATH SKILLS: ensure calculations are completed and correct)

30 minutes to design, test, modify, race to find top 2 rates
Research & Brainstorm:
  • NOTES:
    • 4 different sketches of possible designs
  • Discussion notes:
    • Pros and Cons of designs plans
  • Detailed Sketch
  • Practice using test course 
  • Make modifications to design/sketch
                                               Race 1 in hallway
  • Make at least 3 observations of other cars
  • Propose 3 modifications to group car
MODIFY designs in breakout rooms
Final Race in hallway
Calculate rate of your car

Complete all Paperwork
Attach Rate Sheet to Design Brief and Return to teacher